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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Location Tracking

  • How do I trace my friends/ families?

    Location tracking in U Safe Tracker is approval based. Before you can trace others, you need to add him/her to your circle and the person been requested need to accept your location sharing request.

  • Can I still trace others' location or let others know my location if my device not connected to Internet?

    U Safe Tracker allow you to SMS a password to people you want to trace (the phone must install U Safe Tracker and enable "Location Sending – Request" feature in Settings) to request his/her location. Besides, you can set "Location Sending – Scheduled" feature in Settings to SMS your location to recipients you preferred at specific time every day or at repeating interval.

  • How my location is been tracked?

    U Safe Tracker use GPS and/or WiFi and mobile network to pinpoint your location. You can enable both GPS for precise tracking and WiFi and mobile network as a backup method. Note that GPS can be safely turned on as U Safe Tracker will not consume much battery even GPS is turned on.

  • Others

  • How do I conserve battery?

    First, U Safe Tracker is designed to use battery at minimal. If you would like to save battery further, you can set location update interval to longer interval at "Periodic Location Update Interval" in "Advanced Settings" or set Location mode to use WiFi and mobile networks only (This will cause less accurate location pinpoint) in Android settings.